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How To

How to choose a Clawfoot tub?

One of the trends in bathroom design for 2016 is the popularity of free-standing tubs of all kinds, more specifically clawfoot tubs, which add a flair of elegance and sophistication to your bathroom’s décor. We understand that selecting the right one for you can be an overwhelming task, and the questions are many. Which one? What size? What material? What hole configuration? We are confident that by the end of this article, you will have enough knowledge to make an informed decision.

First of all, size. There are clawfoot tubs that range from 51” to 72” in length, while the width tends to vary between 30” and 36”, but keep in mind that depending on the type of tub you select, you need to allow extra room for the faucet and all other hardware.

Tub Styles
The decision here depends mostly on your own personal preference.

Standard Roll Rim
The most popular tub is the roll rim type, and it may be available as an end drain or a center drain type tub.

This one is generally an end drain type of tub; It’s ergonomically designed back slope allows the bather the possibility to lean back and feel that “real spa experience”.

How am I going to install the plumbing fixtures with my tub?

Wall Mounted
A somewhat confusing term, generally in plumbing the term ‘wall mounted’ refers to the actual bathroom or kitchen wall, in the case of clawfoot tubs it can refer to the tub wall, or even to the actual bathroom wall. The traditional hole center-to-center measurement for a inside tub wall-mounted tub faucet is 3 3/8”; the rough-in for a bathroom wall can be anything from 3 3/8” to 8”. The good thing is that there are adjustable elbows that will assist you in installing your faucet at just about any center-to-center configuration if you mounted this faucet on a physical wall.

Tub Rim or Deck Mounted
As the name implies, the faucet will be mounted on the rim of the tub, either at the end of the tub or as a center mount. The most common center-to-center hole configuration is 7” center to center.

Free Standing or Floor Mounted
This is when your water supply lines are plumbed and come out from the floor so they can be connected to the bottom of the faucet's two rigid water lines.  Mostly at 3 3/8" or 7" center to center, these rigid water lines are strong enough to support the weight of the tub filler and shower mixer faucet when you use the included support bars and brackets.  Free standing faucet will be mounted on the bathroom floor and go over the bath tub so you need to make sure the height of the faucet is taller than the height of the tub.

No Faucet Holes Drilling on Tub.
In this case, you have the option to install a freestanding faucet over the rim or on your bathroom wall. Be sure to give yourself extra room if you are going this route.

What Material should I use?

Cast Iron
Technically speaking, this is actually enameled over cast iron. Cast iron tub is heavy so this makes it less desireable to be used on the second or upper floor if it is not concrete floor.  Cast iron tub, on the other hand, will give you a very solid feel and does retain heat better than any other material, and it also resists scratches better. However, if it is scratched or chipped, it is not easily repairable. When the enameled surface is chipped, it may exposes the iron underneath to the surface, and we all know what happens when iron is exposed to the elements.  And again, it can't be chipped easily.

A much lighter material, it is actually a shell made of fiberglass covered with a layer of acrylic material. It scratches easier than cast iron, although in this case it is easily repairable. It does warm up faster than cast iron, but it will not retain the heat as well as cast iron. However, it is somewhat more economical and because it is lighter, in some cases it might be the most economical option due to inadequate structural integrity of the floor or any other cause that would not permit the installation of a 500 lbs. cast-iron tub.



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